Picture Day FAQs

Note: Instructions are updated for the 2024 season

 Where can I find the Picture Day Flyer? 

The Picture Day flyer can be accessed here: Link

Who will be taking the pictures this year? 

Examples of the photo providers work are located here: https://www.picsphotography.com/

What does my child need to bring on photo day?

As some photos may be full-length, it is important that your child is in full baseball uniform. They should also bring their glove. Our photographer will have bats to pose with for photos. If your child would like their own favorite bat in the photo, be sure to let our photographer know

Do I need to register my child for picture day?

No. All players will have their photo taken during picture day.

How can I purchase photo products of my child?

About 1-2 weeks after picture day you will be able to purchase photos from the online gallery

How do I get access to the online gallery?

Access the gallery online at https://galleries.photoday.io/ and enter the gallery access code: TBD

Are there delivery charges?

Yes, but free shipping is applied to any order of “advanced pay credits” of $35 or more

How can I place an advanced order?

Prior to photo day you will be able to see the available photo packages in the online gallery. To take advantage of the free shipping, you will need to purchase “advance pay” credits - these will be applied to your future online order.

Can I purchase the photo packages in advance?

No. At this time you can view the types of packages available, but can only purchase the “advance pay” credits.

Do all the products have the same photo?

No. One of the benefits of an online ordering system is the ability to mix and match the photo with the different products.

How long will delivery take once I place an order?

Online orders usually ship within 2 days by priority mail. Typically allow for 1 week for delivery in the U.S.

What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

Contact our photographer Scott Phillips directly by calling PICS Sports Photography at (408)929-7427

What if I need a refund?

Each request is considered on an individual basis. Contact our photographer Scott Phillips using the contact information on brochure

What if my child was sick and missed picture day?

If your child misses picture day, please contact our photographer Scott Phillips (408) 929-7427. If another photo event is being held in the area your child may be able to have their photo taken then. Note: if a convenient make-up can not be organized and a special assignment is needed, a fee will be applied (~$150).

Can my child take a photo with a buddy or family?

Yes. Let our photographer know when you are in line. They will do individuals first and then buddy photos. These will be available in the online gallery with no obligation to purchase.

What do I do if I am having trouble with the online ordering system?

Check these common issues first:

  1. Are you wondering why you cannot process an order in your cart prior to picture day? You will be unable to put “packages” into cart until after the gallery is live (typically 1 week following picture day)
  2. Are you having trouble seeing the photos clearly in the gallery? Sometimes this may occur and can be fixed by ensuring your web browser software is up to date. 

For all unresolvable issues contact our photographer Scott Phillips at (408) 929-7427.