Rory Fuerst Award

The Rory Fuerst Award is M-A Little League’s highest honor for a coach and is intended to recognize a person who has given continually, not only for his or her own children, but to the greater Little League family and M-A community, leaving a lasting impact on the league.  It is this history of service to Little League above and beyond coaching, and a continued commitment to better the league and surrounding community through sports that we want to honor with the Rory Fuerst award.  As such, the award is typically bestowed upon a coach that is aging out of or in his/her last season as a coach/volunteer. The recipient is singled out by the board of directors from a list of nominees that can be presented from the board, coaches, parents, children, or community at large.

This award is named after Rory Fuerst.  Rory has touched the lives of hundreds of children in our community as an outstanding coach for decades.  He continues to give selflessly of his time, money and tremendous knowledge and advice to help baseball in our community.  His generous contributions to the fields are enjoyed by hundreds of children each spring and will be enjoyed by baseball coaches and players for generations to come.  It is in his spirit of generosity, passion for the game and commitment to our community that we deservedly give this award bearing his name to one coach annually.

The criteria that we base this award on include:

  • A history of service as a coach or volunteer who:
    • Embodies good sportsmanship 
    • Creates a positive, safe and fun environment for players to develop 
    • Brings passion and knowledge for baseball and teaching 
    • Communicates well with all groups - players, parents, opposing teams 
    • Emphasizes life lessons along with baseball lessons and team over individual 
  • A history of service to the league well above and beyond coaching that may include time, money, and/or knowledge.

Award Winners

  • 2021 Mike Haven
  • 2020 Brian Roberts
  • 2019 John Molise
  • 2018 Bill McGrath
  • 2017 Jeff Phillips
  • 2016 Chris Weseloh
  • 2015 Larry Nelson
  • 2014 Rich Ferrick
  • 2013 Mike Gardner
  • 2012 Jon Duane and John Crevelt
  • 2011 Arron Retterer and Brian Rodrigues
  • 2010 Doug Kaufman
  • 2009 Scott Barnum, Brian Rodrigues, Kerry Bradford
  • 2008 Bob Crowe
  • 2007 Larry McGill