Scott Barnum Award

Scott Barnum has volunteered for about ten years as a M-A Little League coach, board member and positive coaching committee leader. Much of our league's PCA emphasis, training programs and structure were developed under Scott's direction. Scott continues to assist  M-ALL with PCA topics, now as a "Tribal Elder".

Every year, the coaches or Commissioners in each Division select Scott Barnum Award winners in their respective Dvisions - the coaches who, from their personal perspective, best exemplify the "spirit" of M-A Little League: "Play Fair, Strive to Win, Do One’s Best...."  

Specifically, they select the coach who they believe best establishes and communicates "Exemplary Life Principals" while simultaneously teaching baseball. These coaches are M-ALL's best examples this past season of a DOUBLE GOAL COACH — consistently demonstrating and emphasizing sportsmanship principals with his or her actions. The M-ALL Board then selects one of these Division coaches as M-ALL's Official Nominee for Positive Coaching Alliance's, Double-Goal Coach Award. 

Award Winners

  • 2023 - Ricky Flores
  • 2022 - Anthony Rea
  • 2021 - Reed Moulds
  • 2019 - Patrick Galligan
  • 2018 - Drew Crousore
  • 2017 - Patrick Galligan
  • 2016 - Drew Crousore
  • 2014 - Rod MacLeod
  • 2013 - Bob Baxter
  • 2012 - Jeff Phillips
  • 2011 - Dan Aguilar
  • 2010 - Bob Crowe & Doug Kaufman