Rules - Majors Division

Key Rules in Majors

  1. A regulation game consists of 6 innings. If a game is called by the umpire (e.g., for darkness, weather etc.), it shall count as a regulation game subject to and consistent with the official Little League rules. (See Little League Rule 4.10) A tie game goes into extra innings until the tie is broken. Tie games called because of darkness, weather or other reasons are to be continued as soon as feasible and before playoffs begin, subject to approval from the commissioner regarding scheduling.
  2. A team with less than 9 players and one official coach present at the designated starting time for a game must forfeit. AAA players may be used to bring a short team up to 9 or more players. The use of AAA players for this purpose must be coordinated with the Player Representative and/or the Commissioner, parents, player and AAA manager.
  3. All players present at the start of the game must play (i) four (4) complete defensive innings or 16 outs; and (ii) at least one (1) full inning in the infield by the end of the 5th inning. If the visiting team could have complied with this rule had it played defense in the bottom of the 6th inning (i.e., the home team won the game before it batted in the 6th inning), the visiting team will not be considered to have violated this rule. The four defensive inning or 16 out requirement is reduced by the number of full or partial innings of defense a late arriving or early leaving player missed. Notwithstanding the forgoing, the late arriving or early leaving player must still play one full inning in the infield. If it is determined that a team failed to comply with these minimum play requirements, it will result in that team’s forfeit of that game.
  4. Full rosters bat in the order players are listed.
  5. Intentional walks are permitted.
  6. No on-deck batters allowed.
  7. No sliding head first to advance to a base, but is allowed going back to a base.
  8. Only two base coaches are allowed on the field.
  9. Pitching:
    • Anyone on the team may pitch.
    • Pitchers have specific pitch count limits for each game based on their league age. The maximum number of pitches is shown in the table below.
    • A pitcher who reaches the above limit while facing a batter may continue to pitch until that batter either reaches base or is put out.
    • The number of pitches delivered in a game will also determine the amount of rest the player must have before pitching again.

Maximum Pitches per Day

  • 11-12 year olds - 85
  • 10 year olds - 75

Rest Days Required

  • 66+ Pitches = 4 calendar days
  • 51-65 Pitches = 3 calendar days
  • 36-50 Pitches = 2 calendar days
  • 21-35 Pitches = 1 calendar day
  • 1-20 Pitches = No rest required

NOTE: Protest regarding violation of pitching and rest rules shall be made upon discovery to the opposing coach and to the umpire. The Commissioner shall be notified immediately following the game.

NOTE: A pitcher who reaches one of the thresholds above while facing a batter may continue to face that batter until the batter is retired or reaches base. If the pitcher is removed at that point, the pitcher will only be required to observe the number of days rest for the threshold reached during the at-bat; provided the pitcher is removed before facing another batter.

  • A pitcher who delivers more than 40 pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day. NOTE: As a point of clarification, a pitcher can have played the position of catcher prior to pitching more than 40 pitches in a game.
  • Any player who has played catcher in four (4) or more innings (whether playing in all of an inning or in only a portion of an inning) in a game is not eligible to pitch on that day.
    NOTE: As an example, this rule would prohibit a player from playing catcher in the 1st and 2nd innings; pitching in the 3rd inning and then catching in the 4th and 5th innings.
  • Players once removed from the mound may not return as pitchers. A player may not pitch in more than one game in a day.
  • Hit Batters - If a pitcher hits three batters total over one or more innings, he/she must be replaced. That pitcher may not return to the game as a pitcher.

Minimum Play Rules in Pitching Machine, AAA and Majors.

The above rules are only a minimum requirement and coaches are encouraged to offer each player the same quality playing time as all others regardless of ability. If a coach has a player or parent inform them that they do not want the player to play in the infield due to safety or other issues, then upon notice to and approval of the appropriate Commissioner this requirement will be waived for this particular player.

Resumed Game/Suspended Game

Occasionally we have tie games or otherwise suspended games that must resume on a different day. This document compiles Little League and M-ALL local rules that can impact the resumption of the game.

City Championship Game

The City Championship games between Alpine and M-A will be played under the rules of the Green Book, except where a local rule exists.  The local rules that will be utilized is based on the League that is hosting the games that year (hosting generally alternates year to year). 

City Championship Rules