Rules - Coach Pitch & T-Ball

  1. All players play in the field each inning
  2. All players bat each inning. Each batter or runner that makes an out should return to their bench.
  3. Games are three innings.   There is no time limit.
  4. No score will be kept.
  5. Batters throwing the bat are automatically out. This rule is administered by the coaches.
  6. Two coaches are allowed in the outfield; no parents or cameras on the field.
  7. Coaches act as umpires.
  8. Catchers must wear mask & throat protector, chest pad, and leg protectors.
  9. In T-Ball the full season is hitting off the tee.
  10. In Coach Pitch the max # of pitches to a given batter is 5.  A tee can be put down for a player at any time.